Will I be liable for my house-help’s abortion that’s gone wrong?

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Business Law
Will I be liable for my house-help's abortion that's gone wrong?

My house-help procured an abortion in my house and kept it from me. Her bleeding got worse, but she refused to go to the hospital despite me insisting on it. On day three, I asked her to either go seek help or I will have to let her go because she is putting me in a difficult position since she is my responsibility when she is in my house. She went to the hospital, and all I kept telling her could go wrong has gone wrong and she needs specialized help because her health has really gotten worse and she is hanging on a balance since she did things in a shady way. Though I am really spread thin, I have paid for her health needs this far in as much as she refuses to let me know the truth. I would like to know what is the limit of my liability legally given that she refuses to let her family/partner know what’s happening.

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