Was quack doctor Mugo wa Wairimu’s three year sentence enough?

Was quack doctor Mugo wa Wairimu's three year sentence enough?

In today’s episode, we discuss whether the sentencing of three years for fake doctor, Mugo Wa Wairimu, who operated a clinic in Nairobi without a licence is enough.

Links to the story

Nation: https://nation.africa/kenya/news/fake-doctor-mugo-wa-wairimu-gets-11-and-a-half-years–2724510

Capital FM: https://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2020/10/quack-doctor-mugo-wa-wairimu-handed-3-years/#:~:text=NAIROBI%2C%20Kenya%2C%20October%2028%20%E2%80%93,the%20Pharmacy%20and%20Poisons%20Board

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