Can I force my abusive ex-husband to pay child support?

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Can I force my abusive ex-husband to pay child support?

Today’s episode is from a previous discussion on child support and maintenance.

I have lived with the most abusive husband ever. From our wedding night, he started beating me and he has not stopped ever since. Even when I was pregnant with both our children, he would beat me. It made me depressed, and I turned to alcohol and smoking marijuana to get through the days of hell. I was afraid of leaving him because I didn’t have a job or education and he threatened that if I left him, he would cut off support and me and my children would become chokoraas.

My children are seventeen and twenty years old but live at home. The twenty-year-old has a medical condition that requires full-time care and a nurse. But last month my husband almost beat me to death and I couldn’t stomach it anymore so I packed our bags with the children and left but now I am really worried. How will I pay for my children?

Can I force him to pay child support?

This episode was first aired on August 20th, 2020.

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