Can I get a Refund if a Designer used the Wrong Color for the Items Produced?

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Can I get a Refund if a Designer used the Wrong Color for the Items Produced?

In today’s episode, we discuss whether a buyer can get a refund from a service provider who fails to deliver on the correct product items as agreed.

I paid for some cups (I needed 50 pcs black ones with orange colour on the inside) for design at a shop in town. When I was buying, they told me they had only 10 in that shop and the rest will be gotten from another branch. So I paid with the understanding that the rest are there.

Thereafter they called to tell me that the cups were finished apart from the 10 pcs. I was in contact with a lady on the phone and the designer because I had to share the design with him. After sharing the design, I categorically said to him, he should not proceed with the whole job until I see the first mug.

They had mentioned the cups available were blue and wanted me to ask the client if he can take the blue ones but the client refused. I then instructed them to proceed with the 10 PCs available when the others are available so we can finish the job.

They decided on their own to do all cups in blue instead of the 10 agreed now they want me to share part of the cost. I have the conversations on Whatsapp about the designer not proceeding with the job before letting me know.

The amount in question is 11,000/ though it is small I don’t think I can just let my money go since they are refusing to refund. Is there a way I can threaten them with legal action and they refund?

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