Can I sexually harass my male employee if it was consensual?

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Can I sexually harass my male employee if it was consensual?

I work as a senior executive in a tech startup which has Silicon Valley investors.

In my role, I work with young energetic male engineers in demanding but rewarding assignments. It is normal that after work, we have drinks in the office bar, where I am happy to buy one or two for the guys.

One of my engineers at times would get carried away after drinks and made several sexual advances at me since I’m divorced. I didn’t encourage the flirts and always kept boundaries in the office. However in this male dominated industry I still hanged out with them because it helped me build their trust since they considered me as one of the boys.

In August, when travel had opened we went for a team building in the coast. As it came to an end I stayed behind for a few days and so did this engineer. In fact, I’m the one who approved his leave. One thing led to another and we slept together and several weeks afterwards we would meet at my place for sleep overs. Fast forward to last week, and out of the blue, I got a letter from HR being accused of sexually harassing this engineer. Can I be fired for this?

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