Can I stop my neighbours from having noisy parties?

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Can I stop my neighbours from having noisy parties?

My name is Angela, I am a grandmother taking care my seven month old grandson, whose mother is working out of the country. I recently moved into her flat which is in a gated community in Nairobi.

My issue is that there are neighbours who have been causing me sleepless nights since COVID lockdowns started. These young men and women party late into the night. Last week they started partying outside. They were roasting nyama choma, playing loud music, and smoking marijuana.

The noise meant that my grandson could not sleep and now he isn’t feeding well because of stress. Last night I went and asked them to stop, but they claimed they were helping the security to protect the houses from thieves who had been stealing things from the estate. Their music was to turn the thieves away and the roasting was to keep them awake, fed and warm.

I have asked the landlord but he is in agreement with them. The estate management on the other hand has ignored me. Can the court help me?

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