Can I sue if a potential employer withdraws their offer after I’ve already quit my former job?

Business Law
Business Law
Can I sue if a potential employer withdraws their offer after I've already quit my former job?

In today’s episode, we discuss whether someone can get compensation from a potential employer who gives away the job offer they promised to someone else.

I need advice. I went for an interview in a different town, and I was verbally offered a job. They wanted me to report in 2 weeks’ time. I explained that I needed at least one month’s notice to resign from my current job and move.

I wrote them an email requesting if I could report after one month, and they agreed to email. 4 weeks later I texted HR to let him know I would be reporting as agreed the next Monday. The HR responded that they had already given the position to someone else and that they’d sent me an email about it. I checked and sure enough; I found they had sent an email 3 weeks ago, but it had gone to spam so I never saw or acknowledged it.

I feel wronged seeing that I resigned and moved to a new town for the job. Can I sue for compensation?

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