Can I sue someone who defamed me on a Whatsapp status?

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Can I sue someone who defamed me on a Whatsapp status?

Today’s episode is from a previous discussion on what entails defamation.

Good day. My name is JB, I used to be the CEO of a farmers sacco in my village, but I quit to start my own real-estate company which is doing very well.

Six months after I quit, the new management did some bad investments and the sacco collapsed.

Now a few days ago a famous blogger shared an article titled Farmers robbed by Pyramid Schemes on his whatsapp status. What was shocking was that he used an old photo of mine from the Sacco Facebook page. I did not see the status but a screenshot of it was shared in our family whatsapp group.

Now my relatives have been calling me asking me if “niliyang’anya wakulima pesa”.

I am distressed with all this negative publicity. Even my bank has now refused to approve a loan I requested and the blogger has refused to pick my calls.

What can I do?

This episode was first aired on September 22nd, 2020.

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