Can I use my ex-Boyfriend’s Song in my Podcast?

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Swala Nyeti Podcast
Can I use my ex-Boyfriend's Song in my Podcast?

In today’s episode, we discuss the copyright issues of a Podcaster whose ex-boyfriend has threatened to sue her for using his song in her podcast without his consent.

Hi there, I used to date this singer. He was ok but had not yet found success when we were dating. At that time, I had started a podcast and I used one of his recorded songs in the intro of the podcast. The intro is not very long but samples the most catchy part of the song. We never really did any contracts or anything like that since we were a couple.

A few months later, after we had broken up, his song became popular and was playing almost non-stop on radio stations. At the very same time, my podcast also got popular. In fact, I secured a grant from an international organization worth millions to produce the podcast.

The problem is, he is now claiming that my podcast got this grant because of his song and he is threatening to sue me for millions if I do not give him a share of the money. Is this for real, aren’t I allowed to use the song?

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