Can my uncle legally sell me my grandmother’s land?

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Can my uncle legally sell me my grandmother’s land?

Last year my uncle I’ve known since I was a child asked me if I would be interested in buying some land in the village where he had a small farm. He owned a one acre plot although the title was still in my late cucu’s name. He told me that he had inherited it from her many years ago before she died. He said he had never transferred it to himself because he didn’t have money to process the title. He promised that if I paid he could help get the title.

I paid the amount and an extra 30,000 to process the title. Two weeks later he brought me the title to the land in my name. I did a search and confirmed it had been transferred to me. 

However, now my other uncles are now saying that I stole my cucu’s land and that my title is fake? They’ve said they will get it cancelled, what should I do?

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