Can they take away my son because I’m a widowed stepmother?

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Can they take away my son because I'm a widowed stepmother?

Four years ago, I got married to a man who was widowed. He was the only child to his mother who is still alive. When we got married he had a four year old boy who I loved with all my heart. I would feed him, bathe him, take care of him when he sick, and help him with his school work. On Sundays we would go to church together and he even called me Mom. Unfortunately my husband got into a bad accident and was hospitalized. In hospital, we spoke about our son and I promised I would take care of him whatever happened. Unfortunately he died. Out of the blue my mother-in-law came with police to the house to pick my son. Thank God, that day we were not in but now I am living in fear that she will take my son away from me. She has sworn that her grandson cannot be raised by a stepmother. My question is. Can they take my son away from me?

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