Is it illegal to have the police arrest our house-help if they don’t have enough evidence?

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Is it illegal to have the police arrest our house-help if they don't have enough evidence?

My husband and I need guidance. Two months ago we went to a bureau to hire a house-help. We were desperate and took the best in the group even though she wasn’t our preferred type.

A few weeks into her job, on a Sunday evening my husband said he couldn’t find an old laptop. He was sure he had kept it in our closet and suspected it was stolen. Earlier that morning the house-help had taken her off day and we figured she might have stolen it then. When she returned we asked her but she denied it and started insulting us with unprintable words.

I told my husband it would be safe to lock her up or she might turn violent. I told the watchmen not to let her leave and then we called the OCS who is our family friend. He sent some police who arrested her and detained her overnight. In the morning they released her on free bond, but she never came back home.

The police never found enough evidence so they did not charge her in court. However, the bureau called us recently and said a lawyer for the lady was asking for our details. Should we be worried?

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