Is there any way I can Punish a Company that Keeps sending me Bulk SMS?

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Is there any way I can Punish a Company that Keeps sending me Bulk SMS?

In today’s episode, we discuss if there is a way to punish a company that keeps sending unwanted Bulk SMS. What can someone do, within the law, to stop spammers.

I have been suffering the past six months from a flood of promotional messages on my Safaricom line from what I think is a vernacular radio station. I have never signed up for these messages and do not listen to that station. I have no idea where they got my number from. Most of the messages ask me to join one promotion or the other and send money via paybill. Every time I get such a message, I block it as spam and sometimes use *456# to try to prevent more messages.

However, not all the messages give a way in how to stop the messages, so sometimes I just rely on my Truecaller app to block the messages.

However, despite doing this, I keep getting messages. It seems they just change the shortcode and continue sending messages. I have asked Safaricom for help to identify the person or company sending the messages, but they have been uncooperative and instead told me I have to pay for that information.

I now wish to exact maximum punishment to whoever is facilitating this spam. What can I do?

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