Mashamba Monday II

Swala Nyeti Podcast
Mashamba Monday II

Today we discuss questions related to land, which will be answered by Mbuthia Mwangi, a Conveyancing and Real Estate Lawyer.

Question 1

My neighbour is encroaching on my land, claiming that I grabbed it from him and now threatening violence. What can I do?

Question 2

The bank is asking for spousal consent to charge land in my name, but I am polygamous. What do I do?

Question 3

I have a five-acre plot of land in Kajiado that I want to subdivide and sell. What is the process?

Question 4

Someone sold me land in Nakuru, but he only had a Letter of Allocation. How do I get the title deed?

Question 5

What is the risk of letting someone be a tenant as he also arranges for financing to buy my house?

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