Toto Tuesday

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Toto Tuesday

Today we discuss questions related to child custody which will be answered by Wangui Waihura, a Lawyer in Family Law.

Question 1: My baby mama left the country with our child and now she says she’s not coming back. How can I see my child?

Question 2: My ex-wife has been disobeying the unlimited access order of my child. Will the court compensate me for the lost time?

Question 3: My child’s father is from Saudi Arabia, and that is where he was born. If I divorce him, can I keep the child here?

Question 4: How do I make sure that any parental responsibility agreement we had in Kenya will apply if she moves with the baby to the US?

Question 5: I’m willing to pay school fees, but only for the school of my choice. How can I enforce this?

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