Traffic Thursday

Swala Nyeti Podcast
Traffic Thursday

Today we discuss questions related to traffic-related offences which will be answered by Pamba Ouma Pamba, a Lawyer specialising in Litigation.

Question 1

I sold my car recently and the new owner hit and ran someone before we had transferred and badly injured them. Later on, I was summoned to the police and was told I was being charged since I was the registered owner. Do I have a defence?

Question 2

I was making a right turn on the road, when a speeding overtaking matatu crashed into me. The matatu denied liability, and the policeman claimed that he would have to get the motor vehicle inspection unit to assess both cars before determining who is in the wrong. Is this the procedure?

Question 3

I was following Google Maps to get to a destination when it led me to a U-turn. The matatus in front of me weren’t stopped, but I was and told I was driving in the wrong side of a one way U-turn. Do I have a defence?

Question 4

I was stopped in traffic and falsely accused of obstruction when I refused to hand over my driving license. Telling the police you could check online instead. Do I have a case?

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