Workers’ Wednesday

Swala Nyeti Podcast
Workers' Wednesday

Today we discuss questions related to employment and labour related issues which will be answered by Anyango Koile a lawyer in Commercial Law.

Question 1

If I take up a promotion at my workplace where I am placed on probation does it mean that if I fail I even lose the job I have now?

Question 2

I gave sexual favours to get my current job but now the boss has become too much. What are my options?

Question 3

A casual I had fell and broke his arm while loading goods into my shops. I compensated him with a full month’s worth of pay. Is there anything else I need to be worried about?

Question 4

If I work in my own company but take out money only when there is a profit, do I have to pay P.A.Y.E and other statutory deductions?

Question 5

How often does a labour inspection need to be done if I was found compliant the first time?

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